Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day

 Hope everyone has had a nice long weekend.  It has been so nice here in the Piney Woods!  Even with the threat of the tropical storm, we have enjoyed ourselves.

These are my results from sitting outside the husband's workshop tatting away while he makes goodies for me.  I found an old notebook from the early 90's in which I had compiled some of my designs.  It made me want to tat up a few little quick items to share with y'all.

This motif was inspired by an old brooch base design of mine.  I dug out a skein of Anchor perle cotton and tatted away.  The finished piece above will grace the side of a cloche I am currently crocheting for myself.

To begin this motif, simply tat 6 interlocking chain-rings of 11 sm- med- sm- 11 CL Join last CHR to first, tie & hide ends.

The second part is very simple.  Run the needle through the top bar of the ds to the left of the picots of any CHR, tat as follows: 5 with 7 graduated -s 5 CL + to the top bar of the ds to the right of the picots, 1ds + to the left of the next set of picots and continue around the motif, + at beginning of round, tie, cut & hide ends.

 This is the base of a pendant I created in 1994 for a friend.  Tat as follows:
R3-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4- CL
CH13+ to top bar of ds to right of first - , continue around motif, tie, cut, & hide ends.

The second round goes:
Run needle through top bar of ds next to previously tatted CH, tat each CH around motif as
CH5 7 graduated picots 5 CL + at ds to the right of the next prev tatted CH.  You will need to cut a good length of thread from the ball and pull it through to create the Celtic look.

Another stitch variation of the second round is:
CH 7 5 graduated picots 7 CL.

I do hope that I have caught all of the typos & such.  I don't know if it is Blogger or me, but I cannot preview my post today and the spell check seems to want to hang up.

Enjoy the patterns and have a wonderful Labor Day.

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Happy Tatting!!!


  1. Oh Rachael, how ever nice of you to share these patterns with us. I love Celtic and really appreciate it. Hope your labor day was a good one!

  2. PS For someone just starting a blog, you sure have it set-up and going beautifully!

  3. Being in the Dallas area, we to had an awesome day! Weather has finally broke the 100 degree mark. It was almost chilly this morning! I agree with Barbara, your blog is a beautiful! Thank you much for the patterns, and sharing as you do.

  4. Dear RAchel, These are great! May we use the design of the 6 interlocking rings and the pendant base in the online tatting class this sesssion?

  5. Ok, I am looking through my shuttles to try this out...scary. Thank you for the pattern.hugs, Linda Russell madtatter7

  6. Rachael this motifs are lovely.
    I will try soon.
    Thank you.

  7. beautiful work! i must find more information on the celtic style and the interlocking rings. I really love the colors on these, I can see them used in an applique of flowers...

  8. Just as pretty as ever. Celtic is my favorite and have done some, but with patterns of coarse. I will have to give yours a go one of these days. Something else always comes up..;-(

  9. Hi! I'm a Korean tatter SunBee Lee.
    I have wanted to tat ICRs & IRs since I saw your works about 2 years ago.
    At last yesterday I tatted them thanks to generous tatters' blogs.
    Thank you for sharing your technic and patterns.