Friday, September 30, 2011

October Give Away Event

The October Give Away Event Goodies Are:
Up for grabs this time are:
 6 balls of Majestic size 80 tatting cotton in color #s 830, 831, 833, 842, 843, & 844,
a fat quarter of quilting cotton fabric in wonderful Fall colors,
some vintage buttons from my stash,
a small tatted lapel pin made with Valdani pearl cotton and accented with a freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystals & seed beads,
 and an assortment of seed beads, Czech fire polish beads and dyed freshwater pearls.
Please note that the vintage butter pat and saucer are NOT included in this event.
Thought you'd appreciate a close-up of the beads & pearls-
and the lapel pin.

Now, for how to enter.  Simply be a follower of my blog.  Click on the google "Join this Site" button located to the right of the blog just below the poll.  Followers are given a number and on the day of the drawing (which will be October 25th) a random number generator is used to pick the winner.  The winner is then notified via email and has 24 hours to respond.  Good luck and remember- I am notorious for ADDING GOODIES to my events! 

Remember, sign-up to be a follower of my blog by midnight October 24th, 2011, to be entered!

Until next week~
Happy Tatting!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Afternoon Play

After a long day of practicing my ribbonwork skills, I was compelled to pick up my tatting needle this afternoon whilst reading a wonderful post on Intatters about Autumn and this is the result:
This is a motif that I can tat on "auto-pilot".  It was done using Valdani 100% COLORFAST hand-dyed size 8 pearl cotton in color #O533 "Golden Autumn" and solid #200.  There are Swarovski 4mm bicone and seed beads accents.  The motif is very easy and is tatted as follows:
With #O533
R5-5 - with seed bead, Swarovski, seed bead 5-5 CL RW
CH7 with 5 graduated -s 7 CL RW
R5+5- with seed bead, Swarovski, seed bead 5-5 CL RW
Continue tatting for a motif of 8 Rs & CHs.  Tie, cut, hide ends.
For accent tatting:
With #200
Join to any joining - of previous round and over tat
CH12 CL + and continue around motif, tie, cut, hide ends.
Second round:
With #O533
Run needle through top cap of ds 2 stitches prior to graduated picot set of first round chain and
CH9 with 5 graduated -s 9 CL + on other side of previously tatted picot set in corresponding ds cap
CH2-2 CL + to next chain as you did at the beginning of this round.
Continue around motif, tiem cut hide ends & voila!
Many thanks to Frivole for the beautiful Autumn eye candy that inspired my tatting today!  Check out her fantastic blog.

I must admit, my ribbonwork skills have declined seriously from lack of use.  Wish I hadn't let myself get so rusty!  I found this little cloche at Target yesterday:
It is a lovely 100% wool felt hat but has some really ugly felt flowers on it.  I have a love for the 1920's & 1930's and could not pass this hat by.  It was begging to be redone with some hand sewn silk ribbon flowers, leaves and needle tatted accents.  I may even have to bling it out with some of the pearls and Swarovskis I purchased recently.  I am currently looking at my thread stash and considering my thread options as well as picking through my vintage millinery accents and ribbons for possible working materials.  I hope to at least start the hat refurbishment this weekend.  Any comments or suggestions for what would help this cloche look cute on my short red bobbed hair?

I am still awaiting suggestions, folks, for the next Piney Woods Give Away Event.  Let me know as I am going to decide tomorrow what to do.  I value my readers input.

Well, I am off to play with the Autumn colored thread some more.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What a day!  My aunt (who is recently retired) and I went on a little shopping excursion.  Our mission was to find some bedding, curtains and such for her new apartment.  We were very successful and afterwards made a detour by the bead shop.  This is part of what I purchased:

Pictured in this image are:  stick pearls, colored baroque pearls, dyed pearls of various other shapes, howlite beads, & Czech fire polished beads.  I have a few other goodies, but haven't had the chance to take images yet.  Among my haul are:  Swarovski bicones, seed beads, pendant findings, earring findings and pin backs.

I also raided the yarn store and have a few skeins that will be crocheted into gauntlets and accented with tatting!  The other special find was at Target- a wool felt cloche that will have the tacky fabric flowers removed and replaced with tatting and silk ribbon flowers.  Oh- do I have the projects to do now or what?!?

I am still awating your input, dear readers, for what you'd like the next Piney Woods Give Away Event to be!  Let me know as I need to get things together before the end of the week. 

Well, I had better post this and get myself fixed up before my husband arrives home.  He is taking me out for dinner- I'm too exhausted from shopping to fix it myself!  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Valdani Samplings

I have continued playing with the new threads purchased from Valdani.  I must say that I am really loving the way these variegated colors tat up! 
The above was tatted with color #M47 Robin's Nest, size 12 pearl cotton.  It is a foundation for a larger doily that will be featured at a later date.

 What makes Valdani so special is that it is COLORFAST- guaranteed!!!  Don't get me wrong- I do love hand dyed thread, but I have had some really bad experiences with the dyes not being set properly.  Then I have had some fabulous experiences- Yarnplayer's threads are just magnificent!  I am sure there are many others out there who create wonderful hand dyed thread, but I really am in love with the Valdani pearl cottons.
Here is another motif-in-progress using color #M78 "Copper Leaf" in size 8.  Isn't this a wonderful Autumn color combo?  I still have several other colors I'm playing with and will have more little samples posted soon for your viewing pleasure along with some simple patterns.

There is a small problem that needs tending to- I need more pearls and Swarovskis that go with these new threads, so I am off to the bead store tomorrow with my aunt.  Let's hope she can keep me out of trouble this time!  Who knows what goodies and such I will have to show you tomorrow!!!

If anyone has ideas for the October Piney Woods Give Away Event, please let me know.  I have received a few and am mulling it over.  I will announce the next event on Friday, so be sure to let your voice be heard.

I'm off to make my list of needed beads & baubles so until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Playing

Today started out nice & cool, albeit humid.  I decided to visit my favorite tatting spot in the Piney Woods and play with the new thread.
This will eventually be a larger pendant and was tatted with Valdani 100% colorfast size 8 pearl cotton in #M30 Deep Waters and is accented with a pewter pine cone and 6 Swarovski 3mm bicones in olivine and teal.
It began as a simple motif of 6 interlocking chain-rings.  This basic foundation has been featured on my blog a few times.  Isn't it neat how you can come up with so many variations using one simple motif?!?
This is a work in progress.  It is tatted with Valdani pearl cotton in #M7 Fall Leaves on an antique shell button base with Czech fire polished beads & seed bead accents.  This piece will be a brooch when complete.
As you can tell, most of my tatting time was spent playing.  That is before the humidity & finally heat drove me indoors and put a kink in my creative mood.

So- what do you think should be the next Piney Woods Give Away Event?  More thread?  A tatted piece?  Do you have an idea for a theme?  Let me know as I am trying to come up with something really fun for October!!!

On another note- I have 3 of these wild citrus trees in my yard.  They are loaded down with little mini-lemon like fruits.  Does anyone have ideas for how to use these little buggers?  They smell really pungent and I do not know if they are okay for using in cleaning solutions, potpourri, etc.  I'd appreciate any advise y'all have.
I'm off to play for a little longer.
Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Finished Lollipop

Here is the finished Lollipop pendant/motif.
You will need a 6mm Swarovski "Rosaline" colored pearl and 8 turquoise seed beads.  Thread your needle and cut off a fair amount of thread.  Run needle through any bead in the center of motif leaving about 12- 15" of thread for future use, string pearl & center, run needle through opposite bead.  After you have done this, proceed to add 1 seed bead in between each bead of the foundation round.  Do not cut the thread.  Run the needle through the beads to cinch up the beadwork.  The seed beads will not be visible so you just need to make sure the pearl is secure.  Run the needle out close to the thread tail and tat a bezel around the pearl using counts like: 5 1st half of ds, 5 2nd half of ds, 5 1st half of ds, 5 2nd half of ds, CL secure through seed bead.  Continue around motif until you have a ruffle-work bezel, then tat around base with simple doublestitches, attaching to previous work.

I hope you can make sense of the above. I am a bit under the weather and am not at my best today.  If I need to clarify further, please be so kind as to let me know.

I did take some images of the FABULOUS Valdani pearl cotton I just got in.
This is the "Forest Canvas" collection and is made of color #s:  171, 190, 191, 195, 196, 199, 200, 234, 1641, 1643, 1644, & 1645.  I think these are just perfect for the Piney Woods!
This is color #M7 "Fall Leaves".  This may be the thread that is used to make a jewelry piece for the next Piney Woods Give Away event.  What do you think?
These colors are: #M47 "Robin's Nest", #M78 "Copper Leaves", #O533 "Golden Autumn", & #P2 "Olive Green".
And last, but not least, color #M30 "Deep Waters" & #O533 "Horizon Storm"

I am so pleased with these new threads!  As you can imagine, I am going to be very busy this weekend.  I have not forgotten the necklace project- I just cannot seem to get back in the tatting groove with it, but I will plug away at it this weekend along with playing with the new thread!

May you have a marvelous weekend!  Until Monday~
Happy Tatting!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lollipop, Part Two

The outer round of the Lollipop pendant motif is complete!  I am using Valdani 100% COLORFAST size 12 perle cotton in #M33 "Lollipop".  You will also need 24 turquoise size 10 seed beads. Counts are as follows:

Count two ds before beads on previously made round.  Run needle through top of bar of stitch just prior to these two ds and CH5 followed by 5 graduated -s 5 CL + to corresponding spot on other side of beads.  Ch 5 - with 3 seed beads 5 CL + as you did with the beginning of your work.  Continue around the motif, tie & cut.  The motif should resemble the above image.

Tomorrow the center bead and "over tatting" will be added.

In other news...  we have a WINNER!!!
Needledreams is the winner of the Halloween Give Away!
Congratulations!  You package will be on its way very shortly.

Does anyone have any requests or suggestions for future give aways?  I am busy plotting & planning the next event which will be in October.  As I have just done a Halloween theme, does anyone have another theme idea?  I had thought about tatting a fabulous Autumn pendant, brooch or earrings (one of my couture tatting pieces).  What do you think?

Well, I'm off to play... er, I mean tat.  Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lollipop Pendant, Part One

I have been playing with the Valdani 100% COLORFAST size 12 pearl cotton again.  This time I am using color #M33 "Lollipop" with a size 8 tatting needle.  You will need 32 size 10 turquoise seed beads.  String all beads onto ball.  Tatting counts and instructions for the foundation round are below the image.
R11 L- (pull up 8 seed beads onto this picot, leave about 1/2 the length of the beads in thread after pulling them up.  This will give you enough room for the remaining Rs.) 11CL RW
CH11 - (with 3 seed beads)11 CL RW
R11+ (before joining, slide 1 seed bead up to the base of the previously tatted R, then join.  You will work the remaining Rs in this manner, giving you a seed bead between each R.) 11 CL RW
Continue until you have a foundation motif of 8 Rs & CHs.
Tie & cut.  This completes step one.  Tomorrow will bring step two if you'd like to tat along.

The Czech buttons are still a work in progress and I have yet to get back to the necklace, but they are on my tatting tray- staring at me.  I just could not get into the right frame of mind for either project today, so I grabbed the first ball of thread that caught my eye and tatted the above motif.

The winner will be notified first thing tomorrow morning.  To enter, follow my blog by clicking the google "Join this Site" button located to the right just below the poll.  Good Luck!

Let's hope I have a more productive tatting day tomorrow.  Until then~
Happy Tatting!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Give Away Deadline

Deadline for entries into the Halloween Give Away is: midnight (CST) September 21st!!!
To enter, simply click on the google "Join this Site" button just below the poll.  If it does not appear, please refresh your page.
These are the goodies up for grabs:
1 ball of black Cebelia
2 balls of orange Majestic
1 ball of black Majestic
1 Osmina pearl cabochon
1 little Jack-O-Lantern for holding small thread balls
a bunch of vintage jet glass beads (I picked these off an antique beaded bag that was beyond repair)
an antique bone dish
and the Autumn tatted motif

The winner will be picked by a random number generator September 22nd as soon as I get breakfast fixed.  The winner will then be notified via email.  Don't miss your chance to get these Halloween goodies!

I have run into a bit of a snag with my latest Czech art glass buttons.  While they are incredibly beautiful, they are too heavy to use for a tatted brooch with only tatting for a foundation.  I have been brainstorming and think I have found a solution to my quandry, but will wait before I show you the finished results- my idea may not work at all.

As I was pondering the latest design snafu, I decided to peruse some of my previous work.  I found the following pieces in the recycle drawer of my large thread cabinet.  Hope you will enjoy the pics!
This piece was tatted with Dinky Dyes size 12 perle cotton.  I cannot remember the color number, but it is accented with cranberry rocailles and a Swarovski disc.  I have worn this as a pendant, an accent on a cloche, and on a hair clip.

This piece was tatted with DMC size 12 perle cotton and has been a brooch, pendant , & fascinator accent.

This piece has seen a lot of wear on my peasant blouse and red coat.  It was tatted with Oren Bayan size 8 perle cotton and size 20 white Cebelia.  The accent cabochon is denim lapis lazuli.

This simple design has been used for just about everything it could be adhered to.  I've done it in many different colors and have elaborated on it quite a bit.  This is the original prototype, circa 1996.  It was tatted with Domino size 8 perle cotton and size 12 DMC perle cotton.  The accent cabochon is unakite.

I hope you have enjoyed the eye candy and welcome any comments or input you may care to offer.
I am off to tackle the Czech art glass buttons AGAIN.  Maybe I'll actually make some progress to share with you tomorrow.
Until then~
Happy Tatting! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Emery Cushions

I have had a few requests for more information about tatting needle emery cushions so I dug out my packages of emery powder and did a little research.
Pictured above is the package of emery powder I use to make my tatting needle cushions.  Mine was purchased from Pat at the Stitcher's Workshop.  Inside the bag is a very informative leaflet relating all sorts of info on emery.  Essentially, emery gets its name from Cape Emeri on the Greek island of Naxos.  It has been mined there for over 2,000 years!  Emery is basically aluminum oxide- it is non-toxic, yet very hard & abrasive.
Emery being used to polish and sharpen needles and pins is a relatively new usage that came into being with the invention of the steel needle.  Steel rusts, which presented problems for needle workers.  Today's nickel plated needles will also tarnish and have some discoloration due to natural body oils found on our skin.  Hence, the use of emery.
I am rather particular about my personal tatting needle emery cushions.  I use an inner pocket to place the emery in that is a very tight weave fabric & sew it firmly shut.  This inner pocket is placed within a larger outer pocket made of crushed velvet- the upholstery grade NOT the cheap stretchy kind.  If it is needed, I will fill the remaining space with polyfill or even cotton batting.  This produces a tightly packed emery cushion that is very efficient in cleaning my tatting needles.  I run the needles completely through and saw them back & forth.  (Whatever is needed to keep them clean & smooth.)  I prefer the crushed velvet as it seems to having a buffing effect on the tatting needles.  Hope this has been of help to those who have emailed and messaged!

I did have a nice surprise in the mail this afternoon-  the rocaille beads I need to finish the necklace project finally arrived!!!  I hope to work on the necklace some this evening and have the finished piece ready for your viewing by the end of the week.

This lovely spider was perched on a leaf of the hornbean by my outdoor tatting chair.  Isn't she pretty?  I wonder what kind of web she will be spinning in my piney woods.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Deadline for the Halloween Give Away is September 21st!!!
To enter for your chance to win, simply click on the google "Join this Site" button to the right just below the poll.  The winner will be picked by a random number generator & notified Thursday morning, September 22nd via email.

Have a wonderful day, until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Round Two

Round two of the Valdani Motif 3 is done!

Looks good for having been roughed-up and schlepped around in my purse all day!  The counts for this round may be found in yesterday's blog post.

This was just one of those hectic days when you run around like crazy and get very little accomplished.  My plans for the weekend are to play with the new Czech glass buttons and have some new eye candy for your enjoyment next week.

So, if you have not clicked on the google "Follow this Site" button for your chance to win the Halloween Give Away, please do so.   The winner will be selected by a random number generator soon!

I leave you this week with a closer shot of my "tatting bug inspector".

We have oodles of cicada shells on the pines and everywhere else.

May you have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Tatting!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Valdani Motif 3.2

While it has been a most comfortable day temperature wise, I have not gotten nearly as much tatting done as I had hoped.  Round two is in progress and looks like:

The counts for this round are:
R13+13 CL RW
CH5 followed by 11 even -s 5 CL RW
R13+13 CL RW
CH5 sm- med- sm- 5 CL RW
CH5 sm- med- sm- 5 CL RW
R13+13 CL RW
Continue around motif.
Please note I wrote the above pattern to reflect the image.
Picutred below is a closer view:

You may be wondering why I have accomplished so little in the way of tatting.  Well, that would be due to the wonderful Czech art glass buttons that arrived yesterday!  I have been combing my thread cabinets and bead boxes looking for just the right fibers and accents to work with.  I took a few images to share with you.

Isn't this one vivid?  I am still hunting for just the right green to serve as a foundation.

This one has irredescent flashes of lavenders and pinks.

This little beauty has a neat glittery look to it.  It flashes fushia & amber.  What thread would best compliment this button?

And these sunflower buttons are just fantastic!  I can hardly wait to tat something fabulous with them!

Yes, I am easily distracted by shiny, flashy buttons & beads.  They just beg to be paired up with thread and fabric.  Not to worry, I will finish with round two of the Valdani motif this evening and begin with round three.  It will be up for your enjoyment tomorrow... unless the buttons drag me into the atelier and make me do something with them!!!!!

Don't forget about the:
Halloween Give Away!!!
To enter click the google "Join this Site" button to the right below the poll and above the list of current blog followers.  Current followers are automatically entered.

Until tomorrow~
Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Valdani Motif 3

Hello, everyone!  It's been a beautiful tatting day in the piney woods!

This piece was tatted in:  Valdani size 12 perle cotton #24 Fresh Grass & #73 Peach Orange Dark, 100% ColorFast & Hand Dyed!  Beads are Dynamite size 10 seed beads in Rainbow Peach.

After the rain we received from the tropical storm/hurricane Lee, the mushrooms have popped up everywhere in the woods!  Today's piece was inspired by the red maple leaves that are starting to turn and my hibiscus tree.  When I walked out to the tatting spot I passed an explosion of blooms on the little hibiscus tree my daughter gave me for Mother's day.  I plucked a bloom & a maple leaf and went to my thread cabinets.  Lo and behold- I have two Valdani perle cotton colors that are perfect!  Numbers 24 and 73 were just what I wanted.  Then the Rainbow Peach seed beads were beckoning, so I added them.

To begin this motif, string 72 seed beads on your main color thread and tat as follows:
R7-7-(add 3 beads)7-7CL RW
CH7-(add 3 beads)5 3 even picots 5-(add 3 beads)7 CL RW
R7+7-(add 3 beads)7-7 CL RW
Continue tatting until you have a motif of 8 Rs & CHs, tie & cut, hide ends.
Your motif should resemble the above image.

The next step is simple "over-tatting".  Join in contrasting thread to any joining - of foundation motif and CH:
17 CL + to next prev worked -, continue around motif, tie & cut, hide ends.
More will be added to this piece in future posts!

This morning's mail was filled with goodies!  I finally received the Czech art glass buttons!!!  Tomorrow's blog post will bring images of these new play pretties.  I can hardly wait to have time to make brooches!  Do any of you like to wear pins/brooches?  They are an especial favorite of mine. 

Dont forget: "Join this Site" to follow my blog and be entered for a chance to win the Halloween Give Away!!!

Well... I'm off to meetings & other boring things, so until tomorrow

Happy Tatting!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Helpful Hints

I thought I would share with you my favorite tatting "necessities".  Those who shuttle tat have a wonderful assortment of gorgeous shuttles made in a variety of materials- some are lavishly adorned.  As a needle tatter, I have my own collection of play pretties.  Some items are not exactly aesthetically pleasing, but they all serve a specific purpose.

Pictured above are a couple of emery cushions.  The long strawberry one was my great-grandmother's.  The little purple one was made using nylon for the inner part as this keeps the emery powder tightly packed and contained.  The outer covering is a piece of quilting cotton.  This is my small one that gets tossed in the portable atelier box.  Emery is used to polish and condition the surface of tatting needles.  Other needle artists use it to keep pins and needles clean and sharp.  The spoon ring is used to push through needles when the humidity makes tatting difficult.  Also pictured is my little magnifying glass chatelaine.  I use this to examine my work- especially when I am doing dimensional work or what I call "over-tatting".

Mary Ellen's Best Press is a wonderful stiffener and does not leave a flaky build-up on your tatting!  I rarely stiffen my work, but when I need to, this is the only product I will even consider.  The Gripper is what I use when the spoon ring just cannot manage to push the tatting needle through.  They are basically a pair of hemostats marketed to needle workers.  I have a beautiful adonized green pair somewhere, but they refused to come out of hiding for the photo shoot this afternoon!

My acanthus leaf chatelaine is to the left.  This is my favorite chatelaine!  I have an abolone shell emery cushion, a size 15 mini hook, and a thimble case that I keep rolls of cut up dryer sheets in on this chatelaine.  Dryer sheets are most useful to all tatters.  Cut a piece off and use it to condition your thread.  The thread slides smoothly off the needle and flips beautifully for the shuttle.  

Here is what is usually by my tatting chair:  my trusty "Quilter's Cut & Press 1" for blocking/pinning my tatting, long thin quilting pins for pinning & shaping work, a gripper for pulling stubborn needles, emery cushions for cleaning needles, dryer sheets for conditioning thread,   my magnifying glass chatelaine for when I need to double check my work (& for when I forget where I put my glasses), and a couple of my other chatelaines.  One item on my large clip chatelaine that is super handy is the "Star de Tailor".  It looks like a large needle threader with a star bead at the top.  This little do-ma-hickey is the best thing for hiding thread ends!  Truly a time saver.  One item any needlworker cannot be without is a pair of quality scissors.  I prefer Ginghers, but also like Dovo, & Sajou.

To find your own treasures, check out the selection of tools at Silent Stitches and Nordic Needle.  I have purchased several silver needlework tools from Silent Stitches in the past and cannot say enough good things about this company!!!  Their customer service is top notch and your orders are shipped most beautifully.  Nordic Needle has lots of neat tools (Star de Tailor) and one of the widest arrays of needle goodies on the web.

As you can tell, I love my silver needlework tools!  They may be pretty, but they serve their purpose. Dryer sheets are not pretty, but they are useful for so many different things.  What helpful hints do you have?  I would love to hear about others' needleart gadgets and helpful products! 

NOTE:  I forgot to mention on yesterday's post that there are some antique jet glass beads included in the Halloween Give Away!  If you are not a follower, click the google "Join this Site" button to the right below the poll.  And remember, if you are a blog follower, you are automatically entered.

I will have some new tatting to share with you tomorrow, so until then...

Happy Tatting!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Wishing for Autumn

It started out nice and comfortable this morning, but has turned blistering hot this afternoon.  I am so ready for Autumn!!!  Since it was starting to heat up during my usual morning tatting time, I found myself drawn to fall colors.  This time Anchor #1305 caught my eye.  The beautiful golds make me think of crisp days with crunchy leaves underfoot!

I started out with a foundation motif of 6 interlocking chain rings:

The count for the foundation is: 15 - with bead added 15 CL, tie, cut & hide ends.
To tat the next round run needle through - with bead to one side (join here for shuttle tatters)  and CH the following around the motif:
3 (5 graduated -s) 3 CL Join to other side of bead.
4 - with bead added 4 CL Join to next - at base of bead.
This is a very quick and easy motif.  Hope you enjoy it.

I have been digging and cleaning out the atelier and have added to my Halloween Give Away!

This event will include:  1 ball size 30 Cebelia in black
2 balls size 80 Majestic in orange
1 ball size 80 Majestic in black
an Osmina pearl cabochon
a cute Jack-o-lantern just the right size to be a thread holder
an antique bone dish
& the Anchor Autumn motif

For your chance to win, click on the google "Join this site" button to the right of my blog below the poll.  Those who are already followers are automatically entered.

I am hoping to have some wonderful new Czech art glass buttons to show you in a day or two along with some FABULOUS new thread I have on order.  The rocailles for the necklace project are still on backorder, but I hope to receive them in a week or two.  Then I'll get the necklace finished and posted!

Until tomorrow...
Happy Tatting!

Friday, September 9, 2011

What's Next

The third round on the doily is complete.  Counts for it may be found on yesterday's post.

This piece was worked in Valdani size 8 perle cotton in color #801 "in the forest".  I just love these colors!  If you would like to try this thread click here for the Valdani website.  They have a great sale on certain colors of perle cotton, but you may want to hurry.  The sale ends September 10th!

Since the last thread give away was so much fun, I think I'll do another.  The atelier is in need of a thorough cleaning which means going through my thread cabinets and culling old selections to make room for the new goodies I have on order.  This next thread give away will be a Halloween themed one!

 Up for grabs this time is 1 ball of size 30 black Cebelia, 1 ball of size 80 black & 2 balls of Halloween orange Majestic tatting thread.  I will be including other "goodies" with the thread.  Stay tuned to find out what other treasures will be added.  If you currently are a follower of my blog, you are already entered.  If you are not and would like to enter, simply click the "Follow this Site" button to the right below the poll. The winner will be selected by a random number generator and will be announced on September 22nd.  Sign-up to follow my blog by September 21st to be eligible.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with lots of happy tatting!  I will be very busy creating some new eye candy along with new patterns for your enjoyment.

Happy Tatting!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thread Give Away Results

We have a winner!  Nancy in Dallas was the lucky recipient of the thread give away!  She was emailed this morning and gave her consent for me to post the other goodies she is receiving.

Nancy's winnings include: a vintage butter pat (not the one pictured as I accidentally broke it while packing her goodies.  I put in another.),  5 antique shell buttons, a small bag of size 15 Miyuki rocailles in "Fancy Lime Green", a small bag of size 10 seed beads in "Rainbow Peach", DMC floss bobbins, a skein of Wildflowers thread in "Celadon", the tatted pendant/scissors fob and the thread & tatting needles featured in the prior blog post.  Thanks for following the blog Nancy!  Enjoy your goodies!

For some reason, I accomplished little tatting today.  I did begin on the 3rd round of the Valdani doily.  Here it is in process along with the counts I'm using:

Join to very small - of previous round & CH2-2 CL + to very small - adjacent, CH5 (9 even picots) 5 CL +  Continue around motif.
I hope to have more to show y'all tomorrow!!!

The thread give away was so much fun, I think I'll do another give away.  What would you like?  More thread and surprise goodies or a tatted piece?  Let me know in the comments and I'll post what the next give away will be tomorrow.

Happy Tatting!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Valdani 2

Another glorious day in the Piney Woods!

  I started another Valdani doily last night and progressed to the 2nd round today.  This one is done in color #801 & begins like:

R5-5 sm- m- sm-5-5 CL RW
CH5 (5 graduated -s) 5 CL RW
R5+10-5 CL RW
Continue for a total of 12 rings & chains.

Pictured below is the accent for round one:

Run needle through any picot and CH 15 CL + around motif.

The second round is very simple:

R7+3+7 CL RW
CH5 very sm- 5 (5 graduated -s) 5 very sm- 5 CL RW
Continue around motif.

I had intended to tat another round, but had to rake & clean my outdoor tatting area.  The pines are dropping lots of needles and after the snake scare last week, I am being very cautious.  One good thing, though- I will have plenty of fresh pine needles for making baskets this winter!  (They will also be shared on my blog.)

Pictured below is the "mystery tatting goody" that will be included in the give away. 

I tatted it with remnants from a skein of thread and enhanced it with a freshwater pearl surrounded by pink seed beads.  The outer picots are graced with 3mm Swarovski bicones and seed beads and a pewter pine cone.  This design is one I use for pendants and scissor fobs.  The lucky winner of the give away will receive the thread, tatting needles, this tatted goody and a couple of "other" items.

Speaking of which-  TODAY IS THE GIVE AWAY DEADLINE!!!
Follow this blog for your chance to win.  I will be selecting the winner tomorrow morning bright & early by a random number generator & will notify the winner via email.

I hope to have more on the Valdani 2 doily tomorrow along with the announcement of the give away winner and the next Piney Woods Event!

Happy Tatting!